Cooking Workshops with Supervised Meals

Tuesdays 3:00 – 7:00 pm

The goal of these workshops is to help people with eating disorders to have a harmonious relationship with food by preparing simple, balanced meals in a warm and friendly setting. These workshops aim to reduce fears related to food in general or to specific ingredients via different food related activities, and to help you rediscover the pleasures associated with preparing, tasting, and sharing meals in group settings.

How does it work?

  • Once every 2 weeks we will prepare a more elaborate meal including an appetizer, main meal and dessert, then eat the meal together and follow with a post-meal discussion.
  • On the other week there will be a directed food related activity, then we will prepare a simpler complete meal which we will eat together and follow with a post-meal discussion.
    Directed Food Related Activities (examples)
  • Your obstacles in meal preparation: What are they?
  • Anxiety vs Food: Becoming aware of your eating disorder thoughts during food preparation
  • Eating rules and forbidden foods
  • Buying food at the grocery store: How to do this easily?
  • Processed foods: good or bad? What is a processed food? What about Organic food?
  • Getting dirty when we prepare and eat food: it’s all part of the experience!
  • Eating with others: Why is it difficult?
  • Familiarising ouselves with the qualities of food: Texture, Flavour, Smell, Mouthfeeling, etc.
  • Nutritional Value vs Pleasure in eating
  • Eating vs Your body’s needs: physical, psychological, and social
  • Eating normally, what is that? Picky Eating? Intuitive Eating?
  • Hunger Cues and our tastes: How to recognize and make peace with them
  • Meal planning by group members in keeping with criteria determined by nutritionist – finding recipes, grocery shopping, preparing the meal, etc…
  • Preparing an « unbalanced » meal (no fruit or vegetables)
  • Working with spices and fine herbs

Maximum number of participants = 6