Support for the recovery of an eating disorder is often done in our offices, but it can also happen within your own environment and where you perform your daily tasks.

The primary role of a psychoeducator is to evaluate the adaptive capacities of an individual or group within their environment. Psychoeducators are trained to intervene in a concrete fashion with people experiencing adaptive difficulties that are manifested by their behaviors in different environments. Psychoeducators spring into action and intervene during moments in daily living. They will determine what the obstacles to your functioning are, as well as what elements need to be improved in your environment. They will offer support and share the skills necessary to allow the client to continue moving forward in their best interest. The primary objective being to optimize balance and the client’s adaptation to their daily life.



Trained to work with clients of all ages, our psychoeducator can support and intervene with individuals having adaptive difficulties in the following areas:

Eating disorders; self-esteem; managing stress and emotions; mental health and daily lifestyle habits; developing social skills; self-image; developing autonomy, development of appropriate and effective parenting; and crises management.

The first session at BACA with your psychoeducator will focus on collecting information and exploring your needs.  It is possible that following this initial meeting, the psychoeducator will accompany you in your daily environment in order to better assess your strengths and difficulties.  The psychoeducator will then organize a series of activities/tasks of increasing difficulty in order to help develope your adaptive potential. At BACA, we pay particular attention to our work as part of a multidisciplinary team. The psychoeducator will therefore collaborate with the treatment team, in order to align their treatment goals and help to facilitate the integration, maintenance and generalization of the treatment gains.

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