Orientation and evaluation sessions

Orientation and evaluation sessions

Orientation and evaluation sessions

Our outpatient services are customized to your needs. The treatment process may begin with an orientation or evaluation meeting. It is up to you to choose what suits you best.

Orientation meeting: to guide individuals with questions

The first meeting is intended to guide those who have questions on the relevance of a follow-up treatment with our clinic. It is also useful for individuals who are ambivalent regarding the need for a psychotherapeutic treatment in general. We begin by assessing the severity of the eating disorder, the individual’s own motivation regarding the therapeutic journey and the relevance of a treatment with our clinic. We then make recommendations on the best way to proceed as well as available resources and references.

Evaluation meeting: to accompany you

These discussions probe deeper on a psychological and nutritional level than the orientation sessions. They target individuals who are already motivated to begin a therapeutic process with us. These assessments allow us to propose an effective treatment plan customized to the individual, which is the starting point for the majority of our clients.

A well-adapted intervention plan

Following these meetings, our clients generally undergo a multidisciplinary assessment (psychological, nutritional and medical). Our team then recommends an intervention plan that can include the following services:


Nutritional follow-up

Medical and/or psychiatric consultation

Group therapy

Therapy and family psycho-education

Alternative follow-ups offered by external consultants

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