Eating Disorder Treatment Services

Our services

Our services

Orientation and evaluation

An orientation or evaluation meeting with a member of the BACA Clinic team allows us to determine the course of treatment best suited to your needs.

Intensive treatment programs for adults

Participation in an intensive program can sometimes be necessary to overcome a severe, invasive and destructive eating disorder. Our small groups, our individualized approach, and our warm and hands on investment, sets us apart from other programs.


BACA clients who are enlisted in one of our intensive treatment programs have the opportunity to stay at our semi-supervised furnished downtown Montreal apartment just steps away from our clinic.

Medical follow-up

BACA clients who are followed by our professionals can also receive medical follow-up by our experienced physician, specialized in the field of eating disorders.

Specialized treatment for adolescents

Considering the specific needs of this population, an adapted and multi-disciplinary approach is applied to the treatment of adolescents and their families at the BACA clinic.

Support for families and loved ones

The BACA Clinic also helps parents and loved ones who support their significant others through the challenges of an eating disorder.

Group Therapies and Workshops

Psychotherapy groups, support groups, psycho-educational groups, and hands-on workshops play an important role in the recovery process. As complementary resources, they provide additional information and support and also make it possible for clients to break their isolation.

Meal support groups

Meal support groups are imperative for our clients who need help in breaking their restrictive patterns.  Accompanied by a BACA team member, our clients will share a meal, followed by a support group.

Individual psychotherapy

As an integral part of treatment, the BACA clinic offers weekly psychotherapy which not only addresses issues related to the eating disorder but also looks into the deeper underlying issues that are often at the core of this problematic.

Nutritional counselling

A nutritionist specialized in the treatment of eating disorders supports our clients in their efforts to break the cycles of restriction, compulsion and compensatory behaviors linked to eating disorders, all the while teaching them how to embrace healthier attitudes towards food and exercise.


In addition to on site services, our psycho-educator can accompany our clients who need individualized support at home or outside of the clinic, to help them with the organization of their daily living tasks.

Distance Therapy

For those who live far away and are unable to travel to Montreal for services, BACA can come to you! We now offer the possibility of long-distance therapy via video-conferencing.

Resources and references

The BACA Clinic places at your disposal a list of resources specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.

Why trust BACA?


“I will never be able to find the words to express my gratitude to the BACA Clinic… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Micheline

“When I look at the BACA Clinic, I think of the love that I found within its walls, the caring and attentive staff, but especially, I think of the hope that this team instills in all those who want to overcome an eating disorder.”
– Marlène

“My path toward recovery has certainly been fraught with pitfalls. Today I am very grateful to the entire team of BACA Clinic professionals, who accompanied me in this long and winding journey. I always felt supported, surrounded and respected, regardless of the choices that I was making or the situations I was experiencing. [BACA Clinic] also gave me the chance to get to know some extraordinary people who will have a special place in my heart for the rest of my days.”
– Marie

“Thank you to the BACA Clinic for their professionalism and their respect. Thank you for supporting us and restoring hope to our daughter. You were our last resort and, more importantly, you were a great help.”
– Catherine’s parents

“My road to recovery has progressed day by day. It is thanks to the BACA Clinic team that I came to feel better and to understand the reasons that led me to suffer from anorexia. (…) Many thanks to BACA for helping me get out of this hell and for continuing to be there for all of us.”
– Danielle

“My relationship with my body is much healthier and my relationship with food has changed completely. (…) Today, I am able to look at myself in the mirror and accept what I find beautiful and what I find ugly. I am proud of myself!”
– Marlène

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