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We accompany and support you

Comprehensive treatments for eating disorders

The BACA Clinic accompanies and supports persons aged thirteen years and over who suffer from an eating disorder. We can help you recover from bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and all other disorders related to your diet or body image, such as eating compulsions, compulsive snacking, orthorexia, etc.

In addition, we also provide support for parents and relatives accompanying their loved ones through this ordeal. Above all, our mission is to support you during the recovery process by offering services that are well adapted to your needs.

The BACA Clinic team believes in full recovery and mobilizes all its resources to help give you new hope for a more balanced life, free of obsessions related to weight and appearance.

One goal at a time

We begin by assessing the specificity of your needs in order to offer you the best possible services. This will help boost your confidence. The environment of the clinic is warm and welcoming which creates a climate conducive to recovery.

Here are some of the goals that will be targeted during your therapeutic process:
• Encourage ongoing monitoring to ensure long-term recovery
• Identify the sources of the problem
• Develop defense mechanisms to counteract daily stress
• Integrate healthy eating habits that respect the body’s needs
• Acquire a better relationship with your body
• Regain balance in your life
• Develop greater self-esteem
• Consolidate your identity
• Maintain a natural weight

BACA is not a weight loss clinic

Most of the people who consult us want to lose weight. However, BACA is not a weight loss clinic. Our mission is to foster a healthy and harmonious relationship with food, regain a healthy weight and work to develop a better self-image in general and a better body image in particular.

BACA is here to support and help you

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