Support for families and loved ones

Support for families and loved ones

Support for families and loved ones

BACA helps all those who are affected directly or indirectly by problems related to eating disorders. More precisely, we reach out to parents and relatives who accompany their loved ones through these critical ordeals.

We want to help everyone in need

That’s why we offer services to parents and relatives regardless of whether their child or a loved one is being monitored at the clinic. We know that the road to recovery is just as difficult for the relatives and we would like to accompany, support and prepare you according to your needs.

Comprehensive services

• Family coaching
• Coaching for spouses
• Group workshops for parents and relatives
• Family therapy (in the presence of the person with the eating disorder)
• Motivational intervention meeting

It may seem difficult to provide support and to promote a healthy communication with your child or loved one who is suffering. If so, Tania Lemoine of the BACA Clinic has some suggestions for you: click here to read them.


“You really go beyond the call of duty. After ten years of treatment, you are the only ones who have been really able to help our daughter. On behalf of our entire family, THANK YOU!” 
– C.C’s parents

“Thank you to the BACA Clinic for their professionalism and their respect. Thank you for supporting us and restoring hope to our daughter. You were our last resort and, more importantly, you were a great help.”
– Catherine’s parents

BACA is here to support and help you

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