12 week program (8 weeks intensive and 4 weeks semi-intensive)


Weekly Services

Weekly services:
10 supervised meals followed by a post-meal support group
2 individual psychotherapy sessions
2 individual nutritional consultation sessions
5 sessions of group psychotherapy
Weekly meal planning
Therapeutic structure
*** Outside medical follow-up as determined by the treatment team

Weekly meetings:
Community Meeting: Monday morning meeting where we review the previous week and weekend (community life within the program, adherence to the therapeutic structure, individual challenges and objectives attained) and set objectives for the upcoming week.

Weekend Activities Planning: Friday meeting to set weekend objectives and trouble-shoot anticipated difficulties.

Group topics covered through the duration of the program:
Anorexia and Bulimia (eating disorders core group)
Assertiveness and communication skills
Body image
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (cognitive restructuring)
Family and interpersonal relations
Support group specifically for family and loved ones
Recovery / Relapse prevention
Anxiety management group
Mindfulness and relaxation
Video therapy
Writing workshops
Meals outside the program
Cooking workshops
Therapeutic field trips

Services at the BACA Clinic are tailored to individual needs
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