Eating Disorder Treatment – Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

A unique multidisciplinary approach

The key: comprehensive care

BACA professionals believe that it is possible to fully recover from an eating disorder.

However, the treatment is a long and arduous process. We further believe that the path to recovery must not be undertaken alone.

Our approach is multidisciplinary, that is to say that we seek the expertise of different professionals to help you in your recovery. The team is usually formed of a psychologist, a nutritionist and a doctor. Social workers, family therapists, psychiatrists, etc. can be added to the team, if necessary.

Combination of methods

We base our practice on different elements of the following four major theoretical orientations: existential-humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and systemic. This integrated model allows us to influence all the spheres of a person’s life, including physiological, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, spiritual and social needs.

We know that many individuals succeed in overcoming their eating disorder. On top of an improvement in the symptoms, the therapeutic process teaches them a lot about themselves. They grow from the experience and find themselves capable of living their lives in a healthier, more nuanced and balanced way.

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