Personalized outpatient follow-up for adults

Different groups in our society require different approaches.
No one understands this better than BACA experts.

For women

The majority of people who suffer from eating disorders are women. This statistic is reflected in the BACA clinic’s clientele. However, despite the fact that teenage girls and young adults are almost exclusively represented in the anorexia literature, women of all ages are welcome at BACA. Regardless of age, their suffering is much the same and deserves to be alleviated.

For men

The problem of food disorders affects a considerable proportion of men who, too often, live their suffering in isolation. These men face distinct challenges typically related to the problem of eating disorders, which can sometimes differ from those faced by women. At the BACA Clinic, we adapt our approach to these peculiarities and we are pleased to welcome boys and men to our clinic.

For athletes

Athletes represent a population that is more at risk. The fact that physical performance is closely connected to diet explains in part this range of vulnerability. Athletes also exhibit certain specific characteristics, including self-discipline and the desire to surpass oneself, as well as dietary control. Being pushed to the extreme can sometimes result in an eating disorder. The BACA clinic adapts to the realities of the sport in question and teams up with coaches and other professionals surrounding our customers.

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