Intensive outpatient treatment for adults

It is sometimes necessary to participate in an intensive program to overcome an eating disorder that has become severe, pervasive and problematic on a daily basis.

Active monitoring

To meet these needs, BACA has set up a personalized intensive outpatient program. It consists of supervised meals, support groups, multiple individual follow-ups in psychotherapy and nutrition and family follow-ups, if necessary. It provides a framework and allows for very close monitoring.

Intensive coaching

Every individual can thus count on overcoming their destructive eating behaviour in a warm and specialized atmosphere. This program also prepares people for their return to work or school in a practical way, taking into account their everyday reality.

BACA Day treatment  Program (Monday to Friday)

Weekly services

• Seven (7) supervised meals followed by a support group
• Two (2) individual psychotherapy meetings
• Two (2) individual nutritional follow-ups
• Five (5) group psychotherapy sessions
• Weekly meal planning
• Supervision
• Possibility of medical outpatient follow-up, to be determined by the attending team

Weekly meetings

• Community meeting
• Weekend planning

Focus groups spread out throughout the program:

• Anorexia and bulimia
• Self-assertion and communication tools
• Body image
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
• Family and interpersonal relations
• Family and relatives (support group specifically for relatives)
• Recovery and prevention of relapse
• Relaxation
• Therapy video
• Writing workshop
• Eating out
• Therapeutic outings

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