Individual psychotherapy

The most frequently chosen follow-up at the BACA Clinic is the multidisciplinary outpatient. It includes weekly individual psychotherapy meetings, nutritional meetings as well as a scheduled medical follow-up.

Getting to know you

The first step in the process is to establish a relationship of trust with your therapist. This can be developed over several sessions. Talking about relationships, one’s fears regarding therapy, expectations and concerns is very important in the early stages. Your therapist will listen to your fears and your ambivalence, will discuss with you the therapeutic process, give you his clinical impression as to the suffering that you are describing and also give you his recommendations. The dialogue will be candid and open.

Personalized to your needs

You will then talk about your goals and your resources. A treatment plan will be established according to your needs, the nature and severity of the problem and, of course, the recommendations of the attending team whose expertise will guide and supervise the treatment. The approach will be also adapted to the more particular needs of different populations (women, men, adolescents, athletes, people of different cultures and origins, etc.).

Please note that you do not need a doctor’s referral to begin a therapeutic follow-up with the BACA Clinic.

BACA is not a weight loss clinic
Most of the people who consult us want to lose weight. However, BACA is not a weight loss clinic. Our mission is to foster a healthy and harmonious relationship with food, regain a healthy weight and work to develop a better self-image in general and a better body image in particular.

BACA is here to support and help you

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